Monday, February 4, 2008


It's come to my attention that a lot of my animated gifs run really slow, unless you have a pretty decent computer. So, I've decided to compile almost all of my little "doodlemations," as I like to call them, into one streaming video file. So everyone can see how they were meant to be seen... well actually, it's still not running as smooth as the SWF file. But it's close enough.

It's also interesting for me to see it all strung together like it is.

These are just my "short" animations. There's a few longer animations, which I'll put together in a new post in a few days. I'll also be posting animation tests I made a few months back for a freelance project I worked on late last year.

Till then... enjoy!

PS- there's an extra scene at the very end after the "credits." For some reason, it keeps pausing right before the scene plays though, so just move the ticker a tiny bit to the right if that happens, and it'll finish playing through.

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