Thursday, May 28, 2009


I don't expect the blog posts to keep up at this rate much longer. Though it would be nice!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Frustrated? Naah...

Just testing out the resilience of my monitor.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Project

So I actually have two different projects I'm in the planning stages for. I keep jumping from one to the other. But this one I've had in my head for months and months, and just recently I finally started thumbing it out. I was listening to The Syncopated Clock a while back, when this story started playing out in my head to the music. It's a simple story about a guy trying to get a girl, but I think it could be really cool if it all plays out in rhythm. The horse trotting along to the "tick tock," the woman walking away seductively to the clarinet part at 0:53. It goes on, but I want to keep it a surprise.

Anyway, I'm posting some horrible drawings of the thumbs I've been working on for it. This whole process is only a means of figuring out the staging and timing of all the shots. Don't judge me on my artistic skills from these drawings. ...Judge me from THIS DRAWING!!!

Just kidding. Please don't.

Anyway, here they are. Just as proof that I am doing something productive with my free time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Koren Ansambel

So a little while back, Evan Sussman asked me to animate a bird for a short film he was editing for Dan Koren (correct me if the name is wrong). At first I wanted to animate it the traditional "flash" way with symbols and whatnot, but instead I decided this is the perfect opportunity to take a stab at "traditional" style animation. I dabble with it all the time, but this is the first time I put any real effort into it. And it was really fun. I was going for a Disney feel, and I'm hoping it shows.

The film itself is great. The music is fantastic and VERY Disney-esque and really helped me get in the mood. It's pretty funny, too, so watch the entire thing.

Unfortunately I can only upload videos this size to Blogger, and the bird itself is pretty small so it's hard to see. But you get the idea. I was going to upload some "in progress" videos too, but it's even harder to see those. So instead I took a few screens of the animation in progress.

EDIT: Just did some searching on Youtube and it looks like he uploaded it there. So check out the link above, the quality is a bajillion times better.