Thursday, May 21, 2009

Koren Ansambel

So a little while back, Evan Sussman asked me to animate a bird for a short film he was editing for Dan Koren (correct me if the name is wrong). At first I wanted to animate it the traditional "flash" way with symbols and whatnot, but instead I decided this is the perfect opportunity to take a stab at "traditional" style animation. I dabble with it all the time, but this is the first time I put any real effort into it. And it was really fun. I was going for a Disney feel, and I'm hoping it shows.

The film itself is great. The music is fantastic and VERY Disney-esque and really helped me get in the mood. It's pretty funny, too, so watch the entire thing.

Unfortunately I can only upload videos this size to Blogger, and the bird itself is pretty small so it's hard to see. But you get the idea. I was going to upload some "in progress" videos too, but it's even harder to see those. So instead I took a few screens of the animation in progress.

EDIT: Just did some searching on Youtube and it looks like he uploaded it there. So check out the link above, the quality is a bajillion times better.

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