Monday, January 28, 2008


Me and my friend used to make fun of how much attention some of the popular students got in High School. I'm pretty sure this situation never actually happened, but it was funny to think about.

-about a half hour

Friday, January 18, 2008

Another Non-Animation Post

Just going through some old Photoshop artwork....

I did this for a friend from school quite some time ago. It was fun.

This is kind of the process of how I would do fanart (these characters are from "Evangelion"). Well, pretty standard stuff... this was one of the last fanarts I did, which I did in August of '06, just before my life became crazy-busy and had next to no free time.

Shinji's left hand is weird.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Still Imagery

I made these recently for Blair Baker, a friend, and a talented actor living in NYC. I made them in Flash by tracing over a series of photographs, then colored them... in Flash. Simple process I guess, but there was some guesswork involved in creating the shadows and highlights. It was fun getting to do something comic booky like this, considering I hadn't in months.

I kinda like how it turned out in B+W also.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Email conversation @ work


Hahaha, pretty awesome

Yeh.. I want to be in a dining hall.. where that happens. But not be a part of it at all. Just.. just see it happen. It would be fantastic

Next time we have a gathering at the long table in the back, we should try to start that up. But somehow I feel like it would just end up making us feel awkward.

Friday, January 4, 2008


I was going through my photobucket account, and came across these screenshots I took while I was making my "Wii Adventure" animation, when my Aryll model somehow became corrupt-

And for the record, here is what she was supposed to look like-

I was just thinking recently about how much grief this project caused me. Insane amounts. INSANE amounts. This is the point where I almost lost it. I was on the verge of going into fetal position on the floor around here... I forget how I fixed this issue, but I remember for a while thinking that the entire project, which I'd spent days, nights, weeks on, was corrupt. I think fixing it involved remodeling her a bit, but it eventually got done.

I used textures for mouth expressions. At certain frames, I obviously had to change the texture to show her emotion for that section (smile to frown, etc). I remember, after setting all that up for both Aryll and Link, all that data mysteriously vanished. 5 or 6 times. It got to the point where I had to write down on a sheet of paper what expression goes at what frame... it became this sort of math equation. In fact, I bet if I go into the file right now, the facial expressions will be gone again.

Oh, and here's some mock posters I did about 2 years ago for a "Silent Hill" movie contest that I completely lost in.


I know, cheesy. Well, that's what most movie posters are. :p

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I made a reference to "Gamblor" and his "neon claws" in a family email conversation today, and I was told to "Danimate" said creature (and yes, that term is now used regularly in my family). So, here's Gamblor. Well, his hand, anyway.

15 minutes