Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Auditions

This is my UMass Dartmouth senior project. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. I don't think it aged as well as some of my other projects.

It was a different approach for me. The idea was, we were told as students that there are certain things that some studios look for in animators... some specific things, like being able to push an object with a good level of realism, expression changes, walk cycles, etc etc etc... so for this project, I wanted to try some of that out. So this project is about a digital character, trying out for a part in a 3D animated movie.

He... probably wouldn't have gotten the part. But hey! Much of this was a first for me, so at least it was a learning process.

In other news, 5 days ago was the one year anniversary of the completion of my Zelda "Wii Adventure" video. It managed to rack up 528,519 views on Google Video in that time, and 177,491 views on YouTube (the Google version came first, and it's the one that all the gaming blogs linked too... hence the larger amount of views). The YouTube version also has 674 comments (ALL of which I've read, because I'm insane) and 2,624 favorites. I'm....... insanely flattered. Although, also a little sad to think that if it wasn't for the Zelda theme, it wouldn't have gotten nearly as many views. But there've been so many comments about how people liked the pacing, and how they thought it was funny, and all that, so that reassures me, and makes me feel much better about it. I truly am grateful.

(On a side note, there's another version of my video someone else uploaded on YouTube that has 389, 149 views, and 1,217 comments... I wonder why it's got so many more than my own???)

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