Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Project

So I actually have two different projects I'm in the planning stages for. I keep jumping from one to the other. But this one I've had in my head for months and months, and just recently I finally started thumbing it out. I was listening to The Syncopated Clock a while back, when this story started playing out in my head to the music. It's a simple story about a guy trying to get a girl, but I think it could be really cool if it all plays out in rhythm. The horse trotting along to the "tick tock," the woman walking away seductively to the clarinet part at 0:53. It goes on, but I want to keep it a surprise.

Anyway, I'm posting some horrible drawings of the thumbs I've been working on for it. This whole process is only a means of figuring out the staging and timing of all the shots. Don't judge me on my artistic skills from these drawings. ...Judge me from THIS DRAWING!!!

Just kidding. Please don't.

Anyway, here they are. Just as proof that I am doing something productive with my free time.


Ga Ga for Gretchen! said...

This looks very promising! I'm psyched.

Justin Cichon said...

Hows this keepin up duder? I hope its still rockin