Saturday, March 15, 2008

Because Evan Did So

In light of the talented Evan Sussman's recent blog posting regarding old work, I feel obligated to post what I've shown very few people. Well, granted this stuff can be found on a couple different websites, but hardly ever have I gone out of my way to show it to anyone until recently. Put simply, it's embarassing. There was a time when I thought this stuff was good (it's what I now like to call "American Idol Syndrome"). But it isn't. It truly, truly isn't. And it's all fanart, too. Bad fanart is the worst kind of art known to man.

So, here goes nothing.

I'm too ashamed to even post thumbnails, so I'm just posting links. Let's start off with the absolute worst one.

Yeah. WTF? It's like a tree grew a face and boobs, then went to the world's worst rave.

She apparantly had her hips removed so she could fit into that totally bitchin' miniskirt.

Those shins have got to be at least 5 feet long. And I think someone broke her neck.

That was all pre-Wacom tablet. Here are the first couple of drawings I did with my first Wacom tablet.

AaaAAHHh holy crap this thing weighs a ton!!!

Again with the neverending shins!

That's the worst of it all. I think. Anyway, I can't bear to look at any more. But just to balance things out a bit, let me quickly post some more recent stuff, which again, isn't anything amazing, but it's better. It's pretty neat what a few figure drawing classes can do.

A - B - C

That's all.

PS- there's also my very first flash animation ever, somewhere deep in the bowels of I think it might surpass anything I posted here in terms of badness. That'll take a whole new level of courage for me to show anyone. Maybe some day.


Brian said...

I think "Picture C" deserves a little more prominence. I'm being completely unbiased when I say that would 100% pass as an early DS magazine ad (props to the Phat DS).

FYI I remember the flash video... I could be mean, find it and post it in a comment...

...or maybe I'll just use this as an excellent opportunity to blackmail you. Bwuahah. :)

Dan Flynn said...

Yeah, but you thought it was cool at the time.

Or I guess you might've just felt bad.

Dave Schlafman said...

The Nintendo DS ad is great! Love it. The concept, the designs...GREAT. HOWEVER, the first fan art's amazing how far you've come.