Sunday, November 23, 2008

Phillipe and Pierre

So, I just realized I never made a post about "The Idiotic Adventures of Philippe and Pierre," an online web series I was asked to animate by Dave Schlafman (who created, designed and directed the series). Which is shocking, considering the animation took up a good chunk of my life this time last year, and taught me a lot of good animation tricks in the process (like smoke!! Glorious smoke!).

Here's some background on the characters, taken from the website: "Philippe needs a body. Pierre needs a brain. Join this idiotic duo as they attempt to solve each other's biggest problem. Pierre attempts to put Philippe on top of his body, but his stupid plans never seem to work just right, and in the end, Philippe is usually the one who suffers."

Dave and I wanted to have a hand drawn look to it, which was incredibly fun and challenging, considering I'd never really done that before. There's eight shorts in total, and I've picked my three favorite ones. Enjoy!

Effects and editing were done by Evan Sussman, sound design by Joe Pleiman, and the series was produced by Mike Levine at Pileated Pictures.

Rowdy Rocket

Teleportal Trouble

Snowman Silliness

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