Monday, January 12, 2009

I Don't Have My Tablet

I left my tablet at my parent's house over the break. I wanted to update my blog, so I did this with the tiny 2"x2" finger pad on my laptop. NOT FUN.


Dan said...

Tablets are for losers. Learn to use a mouse.

Whenever I'm working on animation, I actually use the nub between the G and H keys on a 10 year old Dell laptop that I found in a dumpster. Deal with it.

Dan Flynn said...

Stop spamming my blog with your useless drivel.

SociĆ³pata AntropĆ³faga said...

me neither XD
hey i really like ur animations :D im doing a short animated
but my movements are not so cool like urs lol
anyway, i become ur fan
hehe greeting from mexico~~