Sunday, September 30, 2007

UMD EI Show 2005 Intro

This is my intro animation I did for UMass Dartmouth's 2005 Electronic Imaging festival. It's a bit over dramatic and silly.. I think it was all just an excuse for me to animate a puppet, which I'd wanted to do for a while.

The last section of it, with the fake blue screen of death, was awesome. When it played at the show in the auditorium (which is always PACKED every year), there was this large, collective gasp when that blue screen popped up, which I had totally hoped would happen. It was probably so convincing for 2 reasons- 1- they play the DVD's at the show on a laptop, and 2- there had been some sort of weird error on said laptop just moments before they played this animation. So I was really giddy when people told me afterwards "I thought that was real!" And huge props to a few people- my friend and fellow EI classmate Emily Bawn for agreeing to be the disgruntled student at the end there, and Sarah Hartley (again) for finding the awesome voice talent Dave Toomey (right? I'll never forget his name after I realized I accidentally misspelled it in the program).

Upon looking at these old animations.. I think I've decided I'm a better 2D animator than 3D (which I never thought I'd be). But then again, It's been nearly a year since I touched Lightwave...

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